Surface Areas

Areas of the Ice Surface

Crease Semi-circular area with a 6-foot radius drawn in front of the goal - this is the goaltender's area. No attacking player may enter into this area unless pushed in.

Red Line The line at the center of the rink that divides each team's half of the ice. Also the location of the opening faceoff at the beginning of the game or a period.

Goal Line The line along which the opening to the goal lies. This is also the line past which a puck must go when icing is called.

Faceoff Dots Red dots within a faceoff circle or standing alone that are used to host faceoff battles as determined by the referee.

Neutral Zone The center ice area between defending and attacking zones (the area between both blue lines). Critical area for puck control and flow of the game.

Blue Lines The lines that divide the ice into zones, located on either side of the red line. The area between blue lines is referred to as the "neutral zone". The areas on the opposite side of either blue line are each team's zone, determined by which side their goaltender is currently playing in. The blue lines are also the markers for offsides as they determine the end of a team's zone.

Faceoff Circles Five circles, one located at center ice, two located in each corner of one team's zone, the other two located in each corner of the other team's zone. These areas are used for faceoffs as determined by the previous play and the referee. There are also other faceoff dots used for this purpose.