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Welcome to Rush Offseason Central! As we gear up for October and the start of our 17th season in the Black Hills, let us guide you through the twists and turns of the ECHL offseason.

Here, you’ll find all the important deadlines, announcements, plus a player tracker as the Rush build its roster (and schedule!) for the upcoming 2024-25 campaign.

This page will be regularly updated, so be sure to check back for all the latest!


Schedule Announced: June 7

The Rush announced its full 72-game schedule, which begins on October 19 in Tulsa. The home opener at The Monument Ice Arena is Friday, October 25 against the Utah Grizzlies. Rapid City faces ten different opponents this year, including the expansion Tahoe Knight Monsters.


Protected List Due: June 8

The Rush protected 28 players: 17 forwards, ten defensemen, and one goaltender.

ECHL Teams are allowed to protect as many players as they wish provided the players protected meet the following guidelines:

1. Signed an SPC (Standard Player Contract) in 2023-24 with the Member, and has not been traded or released, OR

2. Signed an SPC in 2023-24, and was recalled to the NHL/AHL or IIHF team, and has not been traded or released, OR

3. Had received a Qualifying Offer last summer for the current season, DID NOT sign an SPC, and has not been traded or released, OR

4. Has been suspended by the Member or League, and has not been traded or released, OR

5. Signed an SPC on or after the first day of the 2023-24 regular season, then subsequently signed an NHL/AHL contract, and has not been traded or released, OR

6. Has executed the ECHL Retirement Form and has not been traded or released.


Future Considerations Trade Deadline: June 20

The Rush completed its futures trade with Allen by acquiring forward Jordan-Ty Fournier from the Americans. Fournier, a native of Dorval, Québec, scored eight goals and 17 points in 49 games last season.

Rapid City dealt forward James Hardie to the Americans in March, and thus was owed a player to be named later.


Season-Ending Roster Due: June 22

The Rush announced its season-ending 20-man roster, consisting of 13 forwards, six defensemen, and one goaltender.

Season-Ending Rosters may include up to 20 players and must only consist of players who signed an ECHL contract in 2023-24.


First Day to Sign Contracts: June 23

The Rush can officially start building its 2024-25 roster on Sunday, June 23 when the signing period begins.


Qualifying Offers Due: July 7

The Rush announced it has extended qualifying offers to eight players: four forwards and four defensemen.

Each team is entitled to reserve rights for a maximum of eight players from the Season-Ending Roster by extending a qualifying offer. Of the eight qualified players, no more than four can be veterans (260 regular season professional hockey games played).


Qualifying Offer Acceptance Period Ends: July 22

Qualifying offers must remain open for acceptance until 9:59 p.m. MDT, at which time it becomes null and void and the team may sign the qualified player to any salary or elect to take no further action.

Teams that extend a valid qualifying offer to a non-veteran player shall retain the rights to that qualified player for one playing season. A team that extends a valid qualifying offer to a veteran player, or to a goaltender who has played more than 180 regular season games, will retain the rights to that player until 9:59 p.m. MDT on July 22.


Restricted Free Agency Ends: August 8

If a veteran player or goaltender is not signed to a contract by a team by July 22, he shall be deemed a restricted free agent and shall be entitled to seek and secure offers of employment from other ECHL teams. The team with the player’s rights has the right to match a contract offer from another team.

If a restricted free agent is not signed to either an offer sheet or a contract by an ECHL team by 9:59 p.m. MDT on August 8, the player shall be deemed an unobstructed free agent.


Player Tracker

ECHL Contracts

PlayerPositionProtected ListSeason-Ending RosterQualifying Offer2024-25 Status
Christian ProppGXX  
Billy ConstantinouDXXX 
Zach TaylorDXXXHK 32 Liptovsky Mikulas (Slovakia)
Chris PernaDX   
T.J. FergusDX   
Tyson HelgesenDXXX 
Zack HoffmanDXX  
Kenton HelgesenDX   
Peter MuzykaDXX  
Charles MartinDXXX 
Colton LeiterDX Q.O. in 2023 
Garrett KlotzFX   
Parker BowmanFXX  
Alex AleardiFXX  
Brett DavisFXX  
Brett GravelleFXXXDundee Stars (Scotland)
Blake BennettFXXXOdense Bulldogs (Denmark)
Jake StellaFXXXTingsryds AIF (Sweden)
Keanu YamamotoFXXXDundee Stars (Scotland)
Maurizio ColellaFXX  
Brandon YeamansFX   
Riley GinnellFXX  
Mason McCartyFXX  
Logan NelsonFXX  
Rylee St. OngeFX   
Simon BoykoFXX  
Zach CourtFX Q.O. in 2023 
Max CoattaFX Q.O. in 2023Villacher SV (Austria)
Jordan-Ty FournierF X  


NHL & AHL Contracts

PlayerPosition2023-24 Season2024-25 Season
Ilya NikolayevF2nd of 3-year NHL Entry-Level Contract (CGY) 
Matt RadomskyGAHL contract (CGY) 
Connor MurphyGAHL contract (CGY) 
Jarrod GourleyDAHL contract (CGY) 
Will RiedellDAHL contract (CGY) 
Mark DuarteFAHL contract (CGY)